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    About Backlink Checker

    Backlinks are very important for a website. If you want to get your website ranked on Google and displayed in the first pages of Google you need to have a lot of backlinks. Backlinks help you in ranking your website on all the search engines which are available on the internet like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We all know that Off Page SEO Optimization accounts for 80% of the website traffic and under off page SEO optimization we aim to get as much as backlinks we can.

    If you are having backlinks on your website then you might want to check the websites who have added your website and provided you a backlink. Backlink Checker is the tool which will help you in finding all the backlinks which are pointing to your domain. The tool takes help of different tests and will display all the backlinks which you are having of your website. Even if your website is having multiple backlinks from a single domain backlink Checker will display all the results. You just have to enter the URL address or the domain name and you will be presented with the results. Along with the source website the tool will also display the Page Rank of the website and the status if the backlink is active or not.

    Why do you need to use Backlink Checker tool

    There are a lot of reasons that will make you use backlink Checker tool. We have listed a few of these below.

    • Let’s say you have purchased backlinks for your website. It will become really difficult to enter each link to check its Page rank and if it is still active or not. Using backlink Checker tool you just have to enter the URL of the domain and it will show you all the backlinks which are active on your website.
    • The tool also shows the Page Rank of all the backlinks for your website.
    • Some bloggers agree to do a link exchange but remove the backlink after certain period of time. With the help of backlink checker tool you can check if your website’s link exchange is still active or not.
    • All the results which are displayed are live links. This means that you don’t have to copy the link and enter in the URL to check the backlink source. You can just click on the link and you will be redirected to the source website.
    • The tool will show you backlinks according to three search engines. The total number of backlinks will be displayed on the basis of Google, Bing and Alexa.

    If you want to get your website ranked on all the search engines and in the first pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing then you have to make sure that you are having high quality and high page rank backlinks. You can check the authenticity of the backlinks for your website using Backlink Checker tool. The tool is available for free and provides 100% accurate results.