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    About Blacklist Lookup

    If you want to find out that your website is blacklisted then you can use check domain blacklist, a free blacklist checker which will help you in seeing if your domain has been blacklisted on the internet or not. You might have seen a lot of spam e-mails on your mail id. If you know that the mail which you have received on your e-mail id is not genuine and it is spam you will send it to the spam folder. The mail not only goes in the spam folder but along with it the domain name via which you have received the mail also gets blacklisted. If multiple users mark your mail as spam then all the future mails which you will send using your domain name will automatically go in the spam box.

    If you are wondering how to find out if your domain name was blacklisted or not you can use our tool. You just have to enter the domain name in the website and our tool will check if your domain was blacklisted or not on different database servers. If your domain is blacklisted in any of the servers you will see it on your computer screen.

    You can also find out in early stages if your domain name was blacklisted or not. If you had sent a message to any one and you received a bounce back message which said that the mail was blocked because of abuse it means that your domain name is going to get blacklisted or is already in the blacklist. By abuse they mean to say that your domain was founded spamming mail address of a network. You can confirm and find out if your domain name is blacklisted or not by using our free tool.

    Our tool will check and see if your domain name is blacklisted on 28 servers or not. We have mentioned the servers where your domain name will be checked below.

    1              dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net

    2              dnsbl-2.uceprotect.net

    3              dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net

    4              dnsbl.dronebl.org          

    5              dnsbl.sorbs.net               

    6              spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net   

    7              bl.spamcop.net               

    8              recent.dnsbl.sorbs.net

    9              all.spamrats.com            

    10           b.barracudacentral.org

    11           bl.blocklist.de  

    12           bl.emailbasura.org        

    13           bl.mailspike.org              

    14           bl.spamcannibal.org     

    15           bl.spamcop.net               

    16           cblplus.anti-spam.org.cn            

    17           dnsbl.anticaptcha.net  

    18           ip.v4bl.org         

    19           fnrbl.fast.net    

    20           dnsrbl.swinog.ch            

    21           mail-abuse.blacklist.jippg.org  

    22           singlebl.spamgrouper.com        

    23           spam.abuse.ch

    24           spamsources.fabel.dk  

    25           virbl.dnsbl.bit.nl             

    26           cbl.abuseat.org               

    27           dnsbl.justspam.org        

    28           zen.spamhaus.org

    If you are wondering how to save your domain from getting blacklisted you can follow one easy tip and that is never send anything on a mail box which can be considered as a spam. If the mail which you have sent is marked as spam by multiple recipients then it is sure that your domain name will get blacklisted. You can also ask the recipients to mark the mail as safe which will prevent your domain from getting blacklisted.

    You can use check domain blacklist tool for free and test as many as domains you want to.