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    About Class C Ip Checker

    If you want to find out the Class C IP Address of a domain name you need to use Check Class C IP Address tool. Using this tool you can check the Class C IP addresses of multiple websites or single domain. Using this free tool you can check status of 40 domains at the same time. With the help of this tool you will be able to check if the Class C IP range which you are using is hosting how many domains. Once you have discovered the number of domains you will be able to find out if there are any Class C blocks present or duplicate addresses.

    Class C IP Addresses are also known as SEO hosting. SEO hosting is little bit different as compared to the traditional web hosting plans which you will find as using SEO hosting you will be able to create hosting accounts for the different websites and then assign an IP address to each account. The one thing which you will find in SEO hosting is that the IP addresses which are assigned to servers.

    The Class C IP Address starts with first octet. The first octet will start from 192 and will end till 223. If there is an IP address which falls between 192.x.x.x or 223.x.x.x it is considered a Class C IP address.

    Benefits of using Class C IP Address

    If you are wondering what are the benefits of using a Class C IP address then you can have a look below.

    Everyone wants to get as much as traffic they can on their website. One of the sources from where you can get a lot of traffic is search engines. If you want to get traffic from search engines you have to optimize your blog or website and make it search engine friendly.

    Now you can use different techniques to do SEO of your website and get your website ranked on all the search engines but a fact which is hidden from most of the people is that if your website is hosted on your own IP it will get better traffic and best exposure from all the search engines.

    Now using a Class C IP Address or SEO hosting you will get an individual IP address for your website. As you are having an individual IP address for your website it will help you in getting better traffic and recognition from all the search engines.

    The tool will help you in checking your domain and verifying if your website is only hosted on the Class C IP Address. If your website is not the only one which is hosted on the Class C IP Address it means that you are not given an individual IP Address.

    You can use Class C IP Address for free and there is no limit of how many websites you can test using this tool. You can enter 40 domains at the same time and check the Class C IP Address.