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    About Code to Text Ratio Checker

    Website text radio is very important part of a website. A lot of people don’t know about text to HTML ratio and think that it is not that important. The website text ratio is very important as all the major search engines like Google consider Website text radio when they crawl your website. Website text ratio is also important for SEO as it is going to help the search engine spiders in calculation of relevancy of the web page. In order to find out what is the website text ratio or text to HTML ratio of your website you can use website text ratio tool. Using our free website text ratio tool you will be able to perform a test and find out what is the website text ratio of your website or webpages present on your website. Using the tool is very easy as you have to simply enter the URL of the website in the address bar and click the Test button. The tool will display the code to text ratio along with the text content size. You will also be able to find out the total HTML size using this tool.

    What is website Text Ratio?

    To put it in simple words the web page is written in a coding language which is usually HTML. The content which is displayed on the web page is text. The website text ratio is the actual text which is found on the web page in respect to the code which you see on your website.

    How is Website Text Ratio calculated?

    To calculate you can manually see how much text on your website is there versus the code. It can be really difficult to find the website text ratio manually this is why we suggest you to use our free tool as you will be able to calculate the website text ration within a minute. The tool will extract all the data which is present in the paragraphs along with the anchor text which is present in the code. The calculations are then performed based on these patterns.

    What is best Website Text Ratio?

    Website text ration needs to be balanced. We all know that the websites which come with animation or flash websites look really beautiful but no one wants to use these websites as there is no content present on them. As there is very less or no text present on a website it is nearly impossible to see it ranking in search engines naturally. The website text ratio needs to be 10% at least for the text present on your website and 90% for the code. It is suggested that the more is text the better it is. All the search engines focus on content on a website which is the reason that more content is considered always better.

    We hope that now you know everything about website text ratio. Calculate the website text ratio using our free tool and make your website search engine friendly.