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    About Domain Age Checker

    Domain Age Checker identify the real age of your domain and help the user to know registration and expiry date of the domain. is a free tool which helps in checking the age of a domain. If you are having a lot of domains and want to check when you bought them you can use check domain age tool. The tool is available for free and allows one to check as many as domains they want to check. The tool will display all the details which one needs regarding a domain name and that too for free. The things you will be able to check using Check domain Age are mentioned below.

    Domain Age: You will see the duration for how long the domain name has been registered. The duration will be displayed in years and days. The age of domain name is calculated from the day it was bought by the owner.

    Domain Created Date: This field will show the date when the owner of the website has paid for the domain name and has created it.

    Domain Updated Date: Here you will find the date when domain name was last renewed. The date will change the next time it has been renewed by the owner.

    Domain Expiry Date: The date when domain name is going to expire will be displayed here.

    These are the four things which you will find out after using check domain age tool. If you are interested in buying a domain name which is not active but you are not certain about its expiry date then you can take help of this tool as it will display the domain expiry date. This will help you for preparing in advance as you will know the date when domain name is going to expire which will help in quick purchase of the domain name.

    Things to keep in mind before buying a Domain Name

    If you are planning to purchase an old domain name then you can keep few things in your mind.

    • If you are thinking to buy an expired domain make sure that there are no problems associated with it. You can take help of check domain age tool to check the age of the domain age and other data. Along with that you can also get the WHOIS information which will provide you all the personal information of the owner of the domain name.
    • There might be a probability that Google has blacklisted the domain name which you are planning to buy. If the domain name is blacklisted you won’t be able to get any content indexed on the search engine.
    • Check for any trademarks which can lead you into trouble. If there is trademark of a big company in your domain name then there is probability that the company might sue you for using it without their permission.

    If you are going to make a blog with an existing domain name we are sure you will create social media profiles too of that blog. Check and see if there is social media username availability of your domain name or not.