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    About Domain Hosting Checker

    Who hosting domain is a free tool which will help you in finding out which web hosting provider is used by any webiste. You can use this tool to check the host where your website is hosted or even find the host where your competitor’s website is hosted. You just have to enter the URL of your website in the URL field and the tool will tell the IP address of the domain name along with the host where it is hosted. This tool will help you a lot if you want to use the same host which is being used by your competitor. Not only who hosting domain is a free tool but you can use this tool to check the web host of as many as websites.

    As web hosting is very important for a website, who hosting domain will help you in finding out the web hosting service which is being used by the best webmasters. Once you know who is the hosting provider of the domain you can use that same domain for your website.

    Things to keep in mind before buying web hosting

    If you are planning to purchase web hosting for your website then you can keep a few things in your mind before selecting the web host for your website.

    • The first thing which you should do is check the reviews of that web hosting. You can use Google to see what are reviews of the web hosting provider are from whom you are planning to buy hosting. You can also check their testimonial section and see what the reviews from their customers are.
    • Make sure that you are getting unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data which is transferred from your website. In the initial days of your website limited bandwidth will do the work for you however when you will start getting high traffic you need unlimited bandwidth. If you are not having unlimited bandwidth and you are getting high traffic then there is a slight chance that your account might get suspended as you will run out of bandwidth.
    • Just like unlimited bandwidth make sure that you are getting unlimited disk space too. If you are having unlimited disk space on your web hosting package you can upload as much as files you want to without thinking about anything.
    • Customer support plays a very important role. Your web hosting provider should provide good customer support who is capable of handling all the situations and is ready to help the customers.
    • Make sure that the web host which you are going to use for your website provides installation scripts which make it easier to launch the websites. Along with it check and see if the web hosting provider is giving automatic backup facility where regular backups are created and saved in your hosting account.

    You can keep these tips in mind when you are going to purchase web hosting for your next blog.