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    About Find DNS records

    Get DNS records is a free tool which can be used to find DNS records of website. The tool is available for free and you use it to find out the all the DNS records of a website. We all know that DNS or Domain Name server is a very important part of internet. If you have used wrong DNS records on your website then it can affect the presence of your website on all the search engines. Wrong DNS records are also going to create a big problem for the company infrastructure and network administrators. This is the reason that you can use this tool to find out DNS records of a domain name. Once you know DNS records of a domain name you can check and see if they are the way they are supposed to be or not.

    Even if you are not a server administrator then also you can use Get DNS records tool. When you are not able to open a website or are having trouble in accessing one then also Get DNS records is going to help you. You can easily find out the Internet Service Provider records using this tool and then compare the info with the authoritative DNS server of the target domain.

    DNS Records Resources

    There are different resource records available for a DNS server. Each DNS record performs a special function. The resources which you will are most common are mentioned below.

    Address Mapping Records

    Address Mapping Records is also known as A and this record specifies the IPv4 address for the website. The purpose of A records is to convert the domain names into their corresponding IP Address.  

    IP Version 6 Address Records

    IP Version 6 or AAAA is used for identifying the IPv6 address of a web host. AAAA works the same way as A record works but the only difference here is you will find different type of IP address here.

    Canonical Name Records

    Canonical Name Records or CNAME means the domain name has been queried so that it can resolve the real DNS query. CNAME is used to create aliases of a domain name. When we want to alias the domain name to external domain then CNAME will help you. If you don’t want to use the external domain then you can simply remove CNAME records from a domain name and change then with the A records.

    Host Information Records

    HINFO or Host Information records tell the information about the host. This record will show all the important information which is related to the web host. Host Information Records are not used in the public servers because of the security reasons.

    Integrated Services Digital Network Records

    ISDN will record the ISDN address for a web host. With the ISDN code you will be able to calculate the country code along with the national destination. Other details which you can get using the ISDN code are ISDN sub address and ISDN subscriber number.