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    About Google Cache Checker

    Check the last date when your website was cached on Google using Check Google Last Cached tool. This is a free tool which you can use to check what is the last date when a website was cached on Google. Using this tool you can check the status of 100 websites at the same time. To use this tool you don’t have to install any software or sign up for an account. Just enter the URL address in the field and the tool will display the last date when the website was cached on Google.

    A lot of search engines take screenshot of pages of a website and then examine them. Google is one of these search engines as it takes screenshot of all the pages of your website and then store the screenshot as the cached version on it’s server. You can consider of it as a backup as in future if you want to check how your website looked a couple of months back you can check the cached version in Google. Google uses the cached version to find and see is the page is suitable for the query which you have entered or not.

    All the search engines have a cached link of the websites. If you will click on the cached link it will open the old page when the screenshot was cached and you won’t be able to see the current state of the website. Cached pages will help you when the original page is not available. There can be many reasons that you are not able to open the original page of a website and that is due to:-

    • No Internet connection.
    • Slow website or it is down on the server end.
    • The owner of the website has removed any page from it’s website.

    Accessing the cached versions is fairly easy as most of the search engines allow you to do it free however in some search engines one has to register or subscribe.

    If you made a query in Google and Google displayed the results which are irrelevant to the query you made then you can simply see the cached pages of the website. To make the cached pages look simpler Google made them similar to Instant Previews. This made the design of cached pages simple and easily understandable by any one. You can just hover above the search results and then hover above the arrows which you see on the right side of the result.

    Once you click on the arrows you will see a big box on the Window. When you will open that image it will say something like This is cached version of this website. Google also mentions on the top of the cached image that the cached version might not be the most recent version available for the website.

    We hope that now you know everything about Google cached and also know how to find out the last cached version of your website.