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    About Google Malware Checker

    To make sure that your website is safe from malwares and viruses you can use website malware detector. Website Malware detector is a free tool which you can use to examine your website and find out if there are any malwares or viruses present on your website. The tool takes help of Google in order to check the website and find out if the website is safe for browsing or not. If you use internet frequently you would have accessed thousands of websites. There might be a few websites which are considered as unsafe but actually are protected from all the viruses and malwares. Website malware detector will check the website and will remove the doubt if the website you are surfing is safe or not.

    You can use website malware detector if you see a warning with a red color screen in the background on your computer screen. Our tool will check your website quickly and will display the current status of your website telling if it is dangerous or not. The tool is available for free and you simply have to enter the URL of your website in the address bar to start using the detector.

    Tips to keep your website safe from hackers and malwares

    Here are some tips which you can follow as they will help you in keeping your website safe from malwares and hackers.

    • Always go for professional hosting- Don’t compromise with web hosting. Check the reviews of the web host you are planning to use for your website. Make sure that you go for a web hosting which provides professional hosting services. Most of the professional web hosting companies create backup of websites daily and provide advanced security.
    • Use strong passwords- If you are not using strong passwords on your website you are opening the door to many hackers. All the common passwords are available to hackers and if you are also using a common password then you are making your website prone to malwares. Make sure that the password you are using is strong and is alphanumeric along with special characters in it.
    • Get DDoS protection- DDoS protection will protect your website from all the DDoS attacks which are done by the hackers. There are a lot of hosting providers which give DDoS service for the websites. You can go for any professional DDoS hosting service for your blog.
    • Keep your CMS updated – Make a habit of updating the CMS and all the plugins which are installed on your website. If you have not updated the plugins or CMS then malwares can easily enter your website.
    • Don’t post irrelevant content – If you are posting irrelevant content on your website search engines like Google will think that there is suspicious content present on your website. If there is suspicious content present on your website Google will consider your website as unsafe.

    The above mentioned tips will help you in protecting your website from malwares and hackers. You can use website Malware detect or tool as much as you want to as it is available for free.