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    About Keyword Density Checker

    If you want to check the keywords which are present on a website you need to use a tool for that. Analyz website keyword is an SEO tool which will analyze the website and will show all the keywords which are being used on that website. Using this tool you will be able to find the total number of keywords which you are using on your website. Along with that the other most popular keywords which are present on your website will be displayed with their count and the Keyword density.

    Analyz Website keyword tool will help you in finding out the keywords which your competitors are using to rank their website. You can take help of this tool in your next SEO campaign and get the best results. You can check the keywords which are present on the root domain, any website blog post or of any page using this tool.

    Where you should insert Keywords in a website?

    Keywords play a very important role in ranking of a website. To make sure that your keywords rank better and you are getting good traffic you can insert your keywords in the below mentioned regions.

    Title Tags- The first location which will be crawled by the search engines is going to be title tag of your website. Insert the most important keywords which you want to rank in the title tag of your website. Edit the title tag of all the pages and make sure that you use the keywords which are of low competition as they will get easily ranked in the title tag.

    Meta Description tag- Meta description tag is present in the header of a website. The meta tags are only visible to the search engines as the visitor is not able to see them. The meta description tag is displayed with text under it when it is displayed in the search engine. One thing which you need to remember is to keep the meta tag as concise as possible. Search engines display first 150 characters of the meta tag and it is important that the keywords which you have planned are present in the first 150 characters of the meta tag.

    Link Text- If you are adding keywords in the link text it will not only help you in getting your website ranked faster but will also help you in making these links relevant. There are many different locations where you can add the keywords such as navigation links, footer links, breadcrumbs etc.

    Alt Tag- A lot of people don’t include the keywords in the alt tag. Alt tag is used by all the images and if you are not including the keyword in alt tag you are doing a big mistake. Always add the keywords which you are planning to rank in the alt tag.

    Analyz website keyword tool can be accessed for free. There is no limit of analyzing the keywords using this tool.