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    About Keyword Position Checker

    To keep the search engine optimization going on you should keep on checking the progress you have achieved from the search engine campaigns. We use different keywords in search engine campaigns. One should always analyze and see whether the keywords they used in the campaign were ranked or not. Keyword Position Checker is a free SEO tool which you can use to check the position of the keywords which you are using on your website on different search engines. With our tool you will be able to see the position on two of the major search engines of the world which are Yahoo and Google.

    Using Keyword Position Checker tool is very easy as you have to enter the domain URL and the keywords whose position you want to find. The tool will take few seconds and will display the page where your keyword is present. If your keyword is present in the Top 10 results then your SEO campaign has paid off however if the keyword appears in third or fourth page then you need to rank the keyword. The benefit of Keyword Position checker tool is that it not only displays the page where your keyword is ranked but will also help you in ranking the keywords by determining their position. Using the tool you will be able to check the position of keywords up to 500 results which is just great.

    To get your Keywords ranked on the first page of Yahoo and Google you can follow some useful tips which we have shared below.

    • Always use the keywords which are having low competition. It is very difficult to rank the keywords which are having high competition.
    • Select long tail keywords in your SEO campaigns. It is easy to rank long tail keywords as compared to short tail keywords.
    • Don’t stuff a lot of keywords as keyword stuffing is regarded as a black hat practice. Select a handful of long tail and low completion keywords and work on them as much as you can.
    • Use high-quality content on your website. It is important to use high-quality content as content is regarded as Queen and SEO is the king. If you are having high-quality content, your website will easily show up in the first page of search engines.
    • Backlinks play a vital role in keyword position. Get backlinks from high domain authority websites by following different practices like Article Submission, Guest Posting, Blog Commenting etc. You can also purchase high-quality backlinks.
    • On Page and Off Page SEO Optimization matters a lot. Apply all the practices which come under on page and Off Page SEO optimization to rank the keywords on search engines.

    Using Keyword Position checker tool you can check the position of unlimited number of keywords. The tool will show the position of your keywords on Yahoo and Google. We suggest you to check the position of your keywords once every month as it will help you in your SEO campaigns.