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    About Keywords Suggestion Tool

    It can be really difficult to find the keywords related to a query or a primary keyword. We all know that using the right keywords is very important as the right keywords are going to help you in getting your website ranked. Generate Keywords is a free tool which you can use to find keywords related to a primary keywords or a query. If you want to generate keywords related to a keyword then you can use this tool. The tool is available for free and it is very easy to use it. You don’t have to install any software as the tool is available online and you just have to enter a keyword and hit on the submit button. You will be presented with a list of keywords which you can use in your article.

    Things to keep in mind while doing Keyword Research

    If you are using any tool to generate keywords or are planning to do a keyword research then you can follow some tips which we have mentioned below which will help you in your keyword research campaign.

    • When you are doing keyword research select the keywords which are having low competition. It will be a bad move to select the keywords which are having high competition as they are difficult to rank. Use the keywords which are having low competition as they are easier to rank.
    • The keywords which you are going to use on your website should have high search volume. By high search volume we mean that the keyword is searched maximum times in search engines. If you are using a keyword which is not searched by anyone then you are simply wasting your time. Check and see the global searches of the keyword and make sure that the keyword is having at least 200 global searches in a month.
    • A lot of people use the keywords which are having low completion and high search volume but are not related to their website. This is a wrong practice as you will get traffic initially but this won’t help you in long term. The keywords which you are going to select for your website should be related to your niche.
    • A lot of people don’t know the difference between the visitors and buyers. It is easy to get visitors on a website but to make conversions you have to do a lot of hard work. If you want to make sales on your blog you have to use the keywords which are attracting all the buyers.
    • If you are going to use Google Adwords on your website then you need to check the CPC rate of the keywords. Select the keywords which are having low CPC and are able to get your conversions. It is difficult to find these keywords but if you do generate the keywords properly and perform a good keyword research you will be able to find out some.

    The tool is available for free and you can generate unlimited keywords using Generate keywords tool.