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    About Link Price Calculator

    If you are planning to sell your website then you have to calculate it’s domain value. Once you have calculated the value of the domain you will be able to quote the price to the buyer properly. Not only it is really difficult to calculate the value of a website and assume for how much worth it is. Calculate Domain value is a free tool which can be used for calculating the value of the domain name. The tool will consider different factors and will calculate the value of a domain name. You can find value of bulk websites using this tool as you just have to enter the URL’s of your website and click on the calculate button and the tool will do its work. You can find the domain value of a single domain or 100 domains at the same time using this free tool.

    Tips for increasing value of a Website

    If you are planning to sell a website you can follow the tips mentioned below as they will help you in increasing the value of your website or domain name.

    • Domain name matters a lot. If you are starting a new website then make sure that you are investing in a premium domain name. If you are an organization invest in a branded domain name as it will definitely increase the value of your website.
    • Social Media matters a lot these days. Make social media profiles of your website on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Build an audience and share the content on these social media profiles. Interact with the people who are active on the social media pages of your website. If you are able to develop your social presence then you will be able to get a higher value of your website.
    • Content plays a very important role. Add content regularly on your website as it will help you in getting visitors regularly. Make sure that the content which you are adding on your website is of high quality and unique as if you are having good quality content on your website it is going to be beneficial in a longer run.
    • Get as much as high quality backlinks you can. Organic or direct traffic really helps a lot but referral traffic will just boost the traffic and value of your website. If you are having a lot of high quality backlinks from authority websites then your website will be ranked in all the major search engines. As your website is in the first pages of all the search engines you will get a better value of your domain name.
    • Monetize your website properly. Don’t only use a single monetization method on your website. If you are using Google adsense on your website you can try affiliate marketing too as if there are more income streams the buyer will be happy to pay a higher price.

    We hope that you were able to check the value of your domain name using our tool.