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    About Meta Tags Analyzer

    Meta Tags play a very important role in optimizing a website. If you have used meta tags on your website it will help you in getting ranked on all the search engines easily and getting high amount of traffic. You can use meta tags for your main domain, the different pages which are present on your website and also the posts which you share on your blog. If you want to check the meta tags your competitor is using on his website then you can use Meta Tags Analyzer.

    Meta Tags Analyzer is a free SEO tool which can be used to retrieve the meta information of a domain or a web page. Using this tool is very easy as all you have to do is enter the website URL in the address bar and you are done. Meta Tags Analyzer will start its magic and will display the meta description of the website, the meta title and the keywords which are being used on the website. This tool will help you in finding the keywords your competitors are using on their website. Even if you are having any ranking issues you can use meta tags analyzer and locate the issues.

    When you are analyzing your website for the meta content make sure that you are checking all the pages which are present on your website and not only the top level domain. If you are only analyzing the top level domain of your website you won’t get accurate results. This is why we suggest you to analyze all the important pages of your website once in while using meta tags analyzer.

    Three main elements of Meta Tags

    There are three main elements on meta tags. You need to put all these elements at best use as they will help you in ranking your website on all the search engines.

    Title: The text which you find in the title of a web page comes under the title field. We can’t consider title as one of the meta tags but It is important for a website. When you are writing title of a webpage or a domain make sure that you have stuffed some good keywords in it.

    Description: In the description field of meta tag you have to enter the summary of the website. In this field you have to mention what your website is all about and what services or what content the readers of your website will get. Add high quality content in description with long tail keywords in the description. Also make sure that the meta description is not too long as search engines display only 160 characters of description.  

    Keywords: All the keywords which you want to rank come under the meta keywords column. Meta Keywords will help you in getting your website in the first pages of search engines. Always use the keywords which are relevant to the content. It is easier to rank long keywords so use two or three tier keywords as much as you can.