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    City Ashburn
    Region Virginia
    Country United States of America
    Country Code US
    ISP Amazon
    Latitude 39.043700
    Longitude -77.487500

    About My IP Address

    We use internet on our computers, mobile phones and tablets daily but one thing which we are not certain of is our IP address. IP Address or Internet Protocol is different for all the computers. If you are curious about finding your IP address then you can take help of What is My IP Address tool. Our tool is available for free and will help you in finding your correct IP address. Unlike other websites we don’t share the information which we collect from our customers.

    Using What is my IP address tool you will be able to find many other details along with the IP Address. The things which you will be able to find using What is my IP Address are mentioned below:-

    • IP Address
    • Your city
    • Region
    • Your Country
    • Country Code
    • Internet Service Provider
    • Latitude
    • Longitude

    You will be able to find out all these things by using this tool for free. Using the tool is very easy as all you have to do is click on what is my ip address button and you will come across all the details.

    What is IP Address?

    IP Address or IP means Internet Protocol. IP Address is different for all the computers. The unique address is responsible for your connection with the online World Wide Web.

    Each computer is connected with the internet in any way possible. Whenever you open any website from your computer the website which you enter in the address bar is considered as a request and is sent to the destination. The response is opening of the website on your computer screen. IP Address is having a very important role in this.

    Our computers are connected with the internet indirectly. There are two connections which are made. The first connection is made with the internet alone and the second connection which you create will provide you internet access.

    Internet Service Provider or ISP can be a company, wireless or even a home network. An Internet service provider is having the option if he wants to provide you a static IP address or a dynamic one.


    There are a lot of protocols present which help in getting you connected with the internet. The browser which you are using to access the content online is connected with many protocols which will help you in connecting with the internet and will also share the information up and down the network.

    One of the protocols which is known as Internet Protocol is responsible for the address of your network. The protocol will help you in routing your information on the internet precisely. Internet Protocol will add an electronic return address to the request which you have sent. The address which is used by Internet Protocol is the IP address which is being allocated to your internet connection.

    What is my IP address is one of the best online tools which you can use to find out your IP address and that too for free.