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    About Online Md5 Generator

    MD5 is a cryptographic algorithm which you can use to make text or a string secure. Once you have generated MD5 hash of a text it is going to be secure as no one will be able to find out what exactly hides behind the MD5 hash unless it has been extracted. If you are using a computer or laptop and want to generate MD5 hash of a string you need to use a software. If you are online and want to generate MD5 hash then you can use generate MD5 tool. Using this free tool you will be able to generate MD5 hash of any text or string. You don’t have to install any software to generate the MD5 hash as just enter the string or text whose MD5 hash you want to generate and the tool will work for you. The tool is available for free and you can generate unlimited MD5 hash using it on your computer.

    If you don’t know much about MD5 hash or the algorithm you can read the post below to find out.

    What is MD5 algorithm?

    MD5 is known as Message Digest algorithm 5. This algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function. Ronald Rivest is the founder of this algorithm and it was founded in 1991. The basic function of a MD5 hash algorithm is to take some random value and then generate a hash value. The string which you entered will be hidden under the MD5 hash and if you want to see what the string was you need to extract the MD5. The string can be as long as you want to, however the output or the hash value is of fixed length. The output is a 32 digit hexa decimal hash which means that the output you are going to get for every text is going to be a 32 hexa decimal one.

    • If you are going to upload a file on the internet then you can add a MD5 hash value to it. MD5 hash value will be helpful is you are going to upload the same file again. The reason behind this is that no one will be able to identify that you have uploaded the same file as its identity will be disclosed by the MD5 hash value.
    • MD5 hash will help you in keeping your data secure. If you want to send a mail which contains sensitive information then you can generate the MD5 hash for that text and send it to the recipient. The recipient will be able to read the text which you sent only if he/she is having the MD5 hash key. You can consider MD5 hash here as a password for the text which you sent to the recipient.

    MD5 is a great algorithm which you can use to protect your documents and keep them safe. You can think of MD5 as a digital password which is impossible to crack.