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    About Page Size Checker

    Websites which are having web pages with small size are easily ranked on search engines. If the web pages of your website is having small size it will not only help you in terms of search engine optimization but also your website will load faster. To find out what is the size of a web page you can use webpage size checker. Webpage size checker is a free tool which you can use to find size of the web pages which are present on a website. Using this tool you can calculate the size of unlimited number of web pages and that too for free. The tool will show the size of the web page both in Bytes and KB’s. Once you know what is the size of the web pages present on your website you can optimize them and make them search engine friendly.

    Tips for Optimizing Web Pages

    You can follow the tips which have mentioned below as they will help you in optimizing the web pages which are present on your website.

    • Title Tag: - You can work on the title tag as it will help you in optimizing the web page of your website. The title tag needs to be as much as compelling as it can. You can post all the important keywords which you want to rank in the title tag of your web page.
    • Meta Description: - All the web pages have a meta description. You need to mention what things are present in the web page by writing them down in the meta description of your web page. Make meta description attractive as meta description is the only thing which is displayed in search engines along with the title of the post.
    • Header Tags: - We all know that there is header of a web page and the footer. You can use the header to insert a HTML code or you can simply optimize it by adding some useful content to it. Use target keywords if you are planning to add some content in the header which will add to the interest of the readers of your website.
    • Alt Tags: - Now you are having some content on your web page. This means that you are going to add some images too. To optimize the images as well as the web pages on use the alt tag. We can add the keywords in the alt tag as when the website is crawled the spiders index the images also. If there are keywords present in the alt tag then you will be able to see the images present in the web page on the search engines.
    • Diversity: - Don’t only aim for primary keywords. Use other keywords or phrases which are related to the content which is present on your website. Diversify your post by adding the keywords related to your article. This will help you in optimizing your web page.

    You can follow these tips as they will help you in optimizing your web page.