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    About Plagiarism Checker

    Content plays a very important role in ranking of a website. Genuine and unique content will help you in getting your business or website ranked within minutes on the World Wide Web , while you are writing content on your website you have to be sure about two things.

    • The first thing which you need to remember is that all the articles should be of high quality.
    • The second one is that they need to be unique.

    How to use this Plagiarism Checker Tool in three Steps ?

    Step 1. Copy the Article from Wordpad or other Sources or upload your Wordpad Document or you can also fill up the URL of your Website article post link.

    Step 2. Click on Check for Plagiarism Button and wait for the process to complete and you will see that the result is being displayed.

    Step 3. If you found a sentence is showing exist already then you can verify by clicking over the displayed sentence, it will take you to the Google search page displaying the article post link.

    If you have copied content from any website then search engines like Google might penalize your website and it might also lead to a permanent ban of your website. As the article is going to be publish on your website then it is preferred that you check your content for any plagiarism and verify the authenticity of that article. Plagiarism Checker is one of the best tools which you can use the check if the article or content you are going to post on your website is unique or not. You can either copy the document, upload the .doc file or simply enter the URL of the article for checking the uniqueness. The tool will show you 100% accurate results, If you see that the content is not unique then you can simply edit it to make it unique. If you are still wondering that why you need to use plagiarism checker to see if the content you shared is unique or not you can have a look at the benefits of this tool below. You can also use plagiarism checker after using Article Spinner of our website and after the article or content is being generated you can simply click on the “ Check Plagiarism “ Button and it will redirect you to this page with your fresh article.

    Benefits of using Plagiarism Checker Tool

    • Plagiarism checker tool will help you in ranking your websites by checking each of the sentences that are existed or not. As we all know that duplicate content will lead to low ranking and no benefit so you can use the tool and find out how much uniqueness is present in your article.
    • If you have hired a freelance writer to do the writing job for you, you can check the authenticity of the articles by using this tool. If your writer has copied the content not only plagiarism checker will show how much content has been copied but also the source of websites from where the article is taken.
    • Plagiarism checker tool is also ideal for all the teachers. If you are a teacher and are having a lot of assignments to check, you can use this tool to see if it has not been copied from websites like Wikipedia or any other.
    • The tool will prevent your website from getting banned on some of the best search engines like Google and Yahoo.
    • You can use the tool for free as there is no subscription or registration needed to use it.

    Who are Benefited for using Plagiarism Checker Tool ?

    Free Plagiarism Checker for Writers

    Free Plagiarism Checker for Blog Owner

    Free Plagiarism Checker for Essay Writing Students

    There are many other plagiarism checker tools which are available on the internet but this is the best tool which you can use the check the uniqueness as it is available for free and you don’t have to pay a single dime to unlock all the features.