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    About Reverse IP Domain Checker

    If you are using shared web hosting for your website it means that a server is shared by many users. This in particular means that your website is not only hosted on that server as there are other websites also present which are added by other users on the server. If you want to find out if there are other websites which are hosted on the same server as yours you need to use reverse Domain IP tool. Reverse Domain IP is a free tool which can be used to check all the websites which are hosted on the same IP where your website is hosted. The tool will also help you in checking if the hosting services have affected the page rank of your website or not.

    Using the tool is very easy. You just have to enter the domain name which you want to check. Once you have entered the domain name simply click on the Check button and if there are websites present on the same server you will see them in the results. You can then check the websites by opening them. This will help you in identifying the websites which might have led to low page rank. If Google sees any website which is having suspicious content on a shared server it assumes that all other websites on the same server are also problematic and it might result in low Google Page Rank. If you find out any website which has led to low Page rank then you can simply contact your web host and ask them to shift you to a new web server.

    Shared vs Dedicated Web hosting

    Search engines block certain types of web hosting. If you are using a shared web hosting there is a possibility that other websites which are present on the same server are also blocked by search engines. If you don’t want to risk your website and have implemented a lot on your website in terms of search engine optimization and content then you can shift to a dedicated server. The reason behind this is that in a dedicated server only one single website is hosted as the entire server space is provided to an individual. There is no chance that if a website is blocked it can even harm your website.

    One thing which you have to keep in mind is that never host your website along with a website which has been blocked by search engines or is blacklisted as if search engines block an entire server or an IP address all the websites which are hosted on that server will also get blocked. Sharing hosting space with a blocked website can affect the page rank of your website along with the reputation.

    You can use and see all the websites which are hosted on your IP address using Check reverse IP tool. The tool can be used for free and you can check different websites.