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    About Server Status Checker

    If your website is not up and running then there might be some problem on the server end. To check and see the status of the server where you website is hosted then you can use Check your server status tool. With the help of our free tool you will be able to check the status of your server. You can add up to 100 URL’s in the dialog box and check and see the status of the server. You will be able to check if the problem is on the server end or not. Our tool will show the HTTP code, the response time and the status of your website.

    Tips on Boosting performance of your website server

    If you want to ensure that your website is running 24X7 and want to boost it’s performance then you can follow some tips which we have shared below. These tips will help you in boosting the performance of your web server.

    • If you are using Apache server on your website make sure that the latest version of Apache is installed. This is the first thing which you need to consider as new versions of Apache are launched from time to time. Even if there are bug fixes, you need to install the latest update as it will not only help you in boosting the performance of the web server but also removing all the vulnerabilities. Make sure that you have backed up your current configuration before you update the apache server to be on a safer side.
    • Don’t only upgrade the apache server but also the kernel. Make sure that your server is having kernel 2.4 or above installed on it. If you are using a kernel which is above 2.4 then it is sure that the performance of your server will boost and file transfer will be swift. If you are beginner make sure that you are taking help of someone as updating the kernel of a website is a bit complicated process.
    • There are different multi-Processing modules available for the apache server. We all know that multi-processing modules help in extending the functionality of the apache server as they will help you on configuring the web server to bind with the network ports which are present on the machine. Along with that MPM will help in accepting the requests from clients and use different threads to handle all the request. Check the MPM which is available for the apache server and test it with the apache server. Check from Prefork, event and worker modules and whichever is giving the best performance use it on your server.
    • RAM helps a lot in boosting performance of a web server. You need to allocate RAM wisely to all the processes which are being executed on the apache server which will ensure that you are getting the best performance on your website’s server.

    These tips will help you in boosting the performance of your apache web server.