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    About Search Engine Spider Simulator

    Have you ever thought about how your website is seen by a search engine? All the search engines have spiders which crawl the website and retrieve the accessible information which is then displayed on all the search engines. To find out how a search engine sees your website you can use search engine spider test. You can think of this tool as a simulator where you will be able to see all the information about a website without having a personal search engine. In order to use this tool you just have to enter the URL of your website and click on the submit button. The tool will process and show all the information which is being accessible by all the search engines. As we know that search engines crawl an entire website and display all the useful information on them, the things which you will be able to see using this tool are mentioned below.

    Meta Content:-

    All the meta content which the search engine is able to crawl of a website will be present here. There are three things which are seen by a search engine in this section which are meta keywords, meta title and the meta description.

    Heading Tags:-

    All the heading tags which you are using on your website will be present here. We all know that heading tags range from H1 to H6. If you are using any Heading tags in the posts on your website you will find them here.

    Indexable Links:-

    Now this is one of the most important things. We want to get all the links or posts which are present on our website indexed. The indexable links section will show all the links which are capable of getting indexed and will be displayed in the search engines.

    Readable Text Content:-

    Not everything which is present on a website is readable. To find out the content which is accessible by the spiders of a search engine you can check readable text content.

    Source Code:-

    The source code of your website which is accessible to the search engines is present here.

    These are the things which a search engine looks for while crawling a website. If the required data is not present in these sections then your website won’t get indexed and you won’t see the results in search engine.

    To make sure that your website is visible in the search engines you can follow some tips below:-

    • Always add meta content on your website. This means that you should provide meta title, meta description and meta keywords for all the posts which are being shared on your website.
    • Use proper headings in the content. Headings matter a lot. Make sure that you are using H1 and H2 headings in the content.
    • Include all the keywords which you want to rank in the headings and meta content.
    • Post fresh content on your website which will increase the crawl rate of your website.

    Once you have discovered how the search engine sees your website you can make changes to it and make it search engine friendly.