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    About URL Encoder / Decoder

    The Decode/Encode URL tool will help you in either decoding or Encoding the URL. You can use this free online tool if you want to encode the string of text or decode it back. URL’s are required to be encoded properly so that they can be accessed by anyone worldwide. All the URL’s which are encoded using out tool follow a two-step process. First of all the URL or the character string is encoded in the sequence of different bytes with the help of UTF-8 encoding. If the bytes of the string or URL are not ASCII letters then they are encoded in the next step. Here hexadecimal strings of the URL are also encoded.

    What is URL Encoding?

    If you are not familiar with the term URL encoding then this section will help you in getting familiar with it. With the help of URL Encoding you will be able to encode some characters from a URL. The characters which are encoded are replaced into two or three characters. % (Percent) character is used to encode the URL in the URL encoding. Along with the % character two hexadecimal characters are also added. The two hexadecimal characters which are added for the encoding will represent the numeric value of the character which has been replaced.

    One can think of URL encoding as little inexact as the reasons behind this is you can use URL encoding not only to encode the URL’s but also to encode the URI’s or Uniform resource Identifiers. Uniform Resource Names or URN’s can also be encoded or decoded using this tool.

    Characters which are allowed in a URL

    There are different characters which are allowed in the URL. A character can either be a reserved or an unreserved one. By reserved characters we mean the ones which have special meaning. The characters which lack any meaning are the unreserved ones. Percent encoding is used for the characters which won’t be possible if you are using the allowed characters. All the sets which come both under the unreserved and reserved characters along with the circumstances have a special meaning. This will help in governing the URL and URI schemes of the characters.

    Why you need to use URL encoding?

    When some data is being entered into the HTML form the form names along with the values which are sent to server in the HTTP request are sent in POST or GET method form. The default encoding process which is used is based on the old URI encoding rules. With our URL encoding you can encode the data as per the latest set of rules and get accurate results. Not only we have used the latest set of rules for encoding the text but also for decoding the text which ensures that you are getting proper output. 

    URL Encode/Decode tool is available for free. You can use the tool both for encoding or decoding the text and there is no limit to the characters which you can use in one string.