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    About URL Rewriting Tool

    Rewrite URL is a free tool which will help you in rewriting the URL of your blog post. If you want to rewrite a dynamic URL you can use this tool for free. The tool will show you the single page URL along with the directory type URL. Rewrite URL tool will display the .htaccess file which you need to create in order to rewrite the URL both for the single page URL and the directory type URL. The tool is available for free and you can rewrite as many as URL’s you want to.

    URL Rewriting Tips and Tricks

    Here are some URL Rewriting tips and tricks which you can follow.

    • When you are rewriting the URL’s make sure you add or remove the trailing slash. If the web application is using virtual URL then the URL won’t map directly with the file of the directory layout which is present on the file system of the web server.
    • Enforcing the lower case URL will help you in rewriting effective URL. The search engines will treat a single page as two different sets which will show different results in the web analytics reports of your website. If the visitors of your website are coming to your website from a non-canonical link then what you can do here is redirecting them to a canonical URL which is having lowercase characters.
    • We suggest you not to use image hotlink, a process to get image from one website to another website.  The unauthorized image hot linking will lead to excessive bandwidth usage. There are other issues which are related with image hot linking like using the images in inappropriate context or image copyright. URL Rewriting will prevent image hot linking form your website.  
    • You can take help of the URL rewrite feature to create a reverse proxy from another server of a website. The ISS 7 will act as a reserve proxy if you are using URL rewrite feature.

    Benefits of URL rewriting

    Now that you know tips and tricks of URL rewriting let’s have a look at the benefits of URL rewriting.

    • URL rewrite will help you in the cases where you are planning to restructure all the pages which are present in the web application. If the readers of your website have bookmarked pages of your website URL rewriting will ensure that even if the URL is changed the bookmarks are still working.
    • You will be able to improve the search engine relevancy of your pages using URL rewrite on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. URL rewrite will also help you in embedding the popular keywords which you want to rank using the URL of your website.
    • URL rewriting also helps in increasing SEO statistics of a website and getting your website ranked easily.

    These are some of the benefits of URL rewriting. Make sure that you follow the URL rewriting tips and tricks as they will help you in rewriting the URL’s efficiently.