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    About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

    Whenever we launch a website and make it live a lot of tests are done to make sure that the website is running properly without any problems. One of the things which needs to be taken care of is the resolution of a website. Gone are the days when people used to open websites on desktop computers. Now there are laptops, smartphones and even tablets which can be used to access any website. To find out how your website looks on different resolutions you can use website screen resolution tester. Website screen resolution tester is an online tool which will show you your website on different resolutions. This means you can see how your website will look on different computer monitors.

    Using the tool is very easy. You just have to enter the URL of your website and then select the resolution in which you want to test how your website looks like. There are 8 resolutions in which you can test your website using our tool. The resolutions in which you will be able to test your website using our tool are mentioned below.

    Resolutions in which you can test your website using website screen resolution tester:-

    • 160x160 Pixels
    • 320x320 Pixels
    • 640x480 Pixels
    • 800x600 Pixels
    • 1024x768 Pixels
    • 1366x768 Pixels
    • 1152x864 Pixels
    • 1600x1200 Pixels

    You can select any of these 8 resolutions and find out how your website looks like.

    Screen Resolution tips and statistics

    If you know that which screen resolution is used the most by people then you can optimize your website according to that resolution. As per the recent survey it was found out that 1024 X 768 pixels is one of the most common screen resolutions which is available out there. If you want to optimize your website for the best screen resolution then you should do changes for this resolution.

    Tips for improving your website Width Wise

    • If you are planning to use fixed width on your website then you have to make sure that no horizontal scrollbars are present in section of 1024 pixels.
    • Always go for liquid layout. Most of the designers which are out there prefer to use liquid layout for a website. The layout which you are going to use should be optimized and lay in between 1024 and 1280 pixels.

    Tips for improving your website height wise

    • Make sure that you have placed all the important buttons and content over the pagehold in case of 768. Keep one thing in mind to provide a height equal to one toolbar as most of the users lose this much area when they open up a website.
    • Don’t post important content in the lower section of your page. Most of the people read the content which is present in the first 132 pixels. 30.51% visitors check the content which lies between 900 – 1080 pixels. There are very less people who check the content present after 1080 pixels.

    Website screen resolution tester can be used for free. You can test resolution of as much as websites you want to using our free tool.