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    About Word Counter

    If you are using any editing software like Microsoft Word, Notepad you don’t have to worry about checking the number of words which you have written in an article as these editing software’s display the number of words which you have written. Now that there are a lot of online editing tools and if you are using one of these tools you also need to use a word counter tool. Word counter tool will count the number or words which are written in an article which is not done by a lot of online editing tools.

    You don’t have to download or install any software on your computer as you just need a working internet connection to use word counter tool. Paste the content whose words you want to check, and this tool will instantly display the total number of words in the article along with the characters. You can also use word counter tool to write the content directly. This will save all the time of copying the content from the file and pasting it in the word counter tool. The tool is completely free of cost, and you can check words and characters in as much as articles you want to use word counter tool.

    Why do you need to use word counter tool?

    There might be times when you are not having an editing tool with yourself and want to find the number of words along with characters in an article. Word Counter Tool will help you in these type of situations as you just have to open the website, paste the content and check the number of words and characters. You don’t need any additional editing software like Notepad or Microsoft Word to use this tool.

    Real Time uses of Word counter tool

    There are a lot of advantages of using the word counter tool. We have listed some of the real-time uses of this tool below.

    • If you are completing your homework or assignments, word counter tool will come into play. Let’s say you have to complete a 400-500 words assignment. Using word counter tool you can check the number of words which are already done so that you can get an idea when your assignment is going to complete.
    • If you are having a blog or are a content writer, then you can use word counter tool to check the number of words and characters in your articles.
    • Word counter tool is also beneficial for all the webmasters as they can find out the number of words in the titles and description. As search engines display a limited number of words from Title and description, webmasters can enter the keywords and make both description and title search engine friendly.

    Word Counter tool is available for free, and you don’t even have to register for an account to use this tool. If you are not able to use the tool or are having any problems get in touch with us using the Contact Us page.