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    About www Redirect Checker

    If you have done URL redirection on your website you need to check and see if it has been done properly. There are many tools available which you can use to check the URL redirection but in order to use these tools you have to pay a premium fee. Check URL Redirect is a free tool which is available online for checking the URL redirections. The tool will help you in checking and making sure that the URL redirections which you have done are correct.

    Types of URL Redirects

    There are different types of URL Redirects. You can find out all the URL Redirects which are available below.

    301 redirect

    301 Redirect is the first redirect regarding which we will share some information with you. This is a permanent redirect. If you have shifted your website permanently to a new server then you have to use this redirection. Once you have used a 301 redirection on your website it will get indexed in all the search engines and you will get the traffic redirected to your new website location. 301 redirection is considered one of the most user friendly and efficient redirection types which is available out there.

    302 redirect

    If you want to use a redirection for some time only then you can use 302 redirect. 302 redirect is also known as temporary redirection. You can use 302 redirect if the URL has been changed into a different address for some time only. All the search engines will still index the original URL of the website and not the temporary URL. The original URL will be displayed in the search engines. If you want a redirection for some time only then you can use 302 redirect on your website.

    URL Frame

    URL Frame is also known as URL Cloaking or URL masking. URL frame is quite similar to URL redirect however there is only one difference in it and that is the webpage is shown in form a frame from server instead of redirecting the visitor to the webpage. If you are using this type of redirection on your website the client’s browser will show your website name along with any other website.

    There is one issue with domain masking and that is it creates duplicate content in all the search engines. When indexing will take place all the search engines will identify all the domain names which will include yours too. There is no surety which domain will get indexed and displayed on search engine even if is having duplicate content on it. In short we mean that a there can be presence of 2 search engine domains which will display same content.

    These are different URL redirections which you can do on your website. You can select the best URL redirection as per your requirement and follow it to keep your website up and running and getting consistent traffic. Once you have redirected the URL’s you can check them with our free tool.